1 Jul 2013

It goes without saying that the single most effective rule to ensure that you earn a humongous amount of profits and do well in your business is by thinking about your customers first. You must not overly bedeck your business with praises and admiration. Instead, all you need to do is just focus on delivering your products or services without compromising on the quality and you are good to go. On the contrary, you must also make an effort to get your business recognised and with the advent of social media, the job of spreading the word has not only become easier, it has also helped to do so, on a global platform, suggests a leading SEO Expert in India. When it comes to businesses, whether small or large, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to get a good amount of recognition. Given below are some tips that will help you immensely in your quest to get a fair share of followers for your LinkedIn profile.

1.) Have a LinkedIn icon in the sidebar of your website:
This is the first and most effective way to attract a huge chunk of your website visitors to your LinkedIn profile. This encourages an effective two way communication and not only helps in getting a good number of followers for your business, but also helps increase the traffic to your website. You could also increase the credibility of your LinkedIn profile by adding the number of current followers to your website.

2.) Sending out invitations to people and getting them to like and follow your company’s official page:
You can do this in two different ways. Firstly, you could send them a detailed e-mail, asking them to connect with you on LinkedIn. For good measure, you could also ask them to follow you on your other official pages on the various social media platforms. If sending an e-mail is not your ideal way of communication, you could also send them a private message on LinkedIn itself, asking them to do the needful. This is not only effective; it also takes a fraction of your time to bear positive and good results.

3.) Targeted updates must be written:
The best way to get the most from your LinkedIn profile is to target your posts to a specific audience that you know will be most likely inclined towards the products or services that you offer. This is one of the quirkiest yet smart marketing tactics. There are several parameters that can decide the target audience for your products or services. You can select your target audience based on the geographical locations. Age and sex are other factors that determine your target audience. Cosmetics can be sold only to women whereas; shaving gels and foams can be used only to men. Therefore, bifurcating is the best way to attract a particular section of the audience, points out a leading SEO Expert in India.

4.) Keep up with local and other businesses that are crucial for your business:
To have a good following, you need to be active on social media. This holds true not only for LinkedIn but also for various other social media platforms. You must be willing to be a part of a community that has other active business people. You should interact with them in the most positive and healthiest manner. You must comment on their activities and once you have developed a rapport with them, you could courteously ask them to follow your company page.

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform and can work to your benefit if you use it well.

Author’s bio:
Sarah Hart is an author and is currently working with a leading SEO Expert in India. She is a professional writer and has published several e-books guiding readers in terms of the various aspects of SEO. She has a background in marketing.
Tips to get more followers on Linked In for your small business

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