Link Building For Your Domain - Effective pr drives sales

Three Step Process at One Way Links

Step 1 – The Services

  • Select Regular or Featured Listings package
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ to pay using PayPal and be returned to site.
  • Fill in one simple form providing your submission details with title, keywords, description and several category choices.

Step 2 – The Advantage

  • We will visit your website and review it.
  • We will create up to 3 more titles and descriptions based on the keywords you provide.
  • We will list your website accordingly and in keyword related directory categories.

Step 3 – The Result

  • Upon completion of submission, we will email you detailing the exact URLs in each directory where your website has been listed.
  • Your website will gain over 25 keyword rich one way links.
  • Your website also gain 6 links to inner site pages.

Effective PR Drives Sales

Public relations in terms of digital marketing has taken centre stage during the last few years. However, we need to keep in mind that the landscape has changed in recent times. Past sales were primarily focused upon the product, its uses and its features. While this was all well and good, it is critical to appreciate that modern consumers are very discriminating. Not only do they desire a quality product, but they are attracted to companies which address their unique needs. This very real "human" factor has been pointed out in many authoritative online articles. How can we take advantage of such a situation?

Social Media and Audience Engagement

Public relations campaigns need to target the right demographic and there is no better way to accomplish this than through the unique platform of social media. Not only will you be able to send out instantaneous information (such as product updates, sales and discounts), but you can also determine how your current PR campaign is performing. It is easy to glean information from your subscribers and followers. Perfect examples here include:

  1. How many are responding to a specific advertisement.
  2. Whether or not your current PR campaign has increased revenue generation.
  3. Collating any positive or negative feedback.

This very public "edge" has already been pointed out in many marketing-related blogs. As there are no direct costs associated with social media, the benefits become clear.

Brand Consistency

It is always worthwhile to think of the most memorable brands in today's world. Names such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Facebook come to mind. Why are they so ubiquitous? One article points out that the primary reason behind such a presence is that their branding is kept consistent across multiple channels. Logos, mission statements and even the ways in which their content is written are all constant. Messages or branding which do not offer this sense of reliability can become confusing and misleading. As a result, sales will be lost. Never forget that public relations has just as much to do with the brand as it does with the actual relations themselves.

Shock and Awe

Some of the most memorable PR campaigns are those which surprised and captivated the audience. This is a result of both increased competition as well as advancements within the digital world. Bland and mundane strategies simply will not do the trick nowadays. The ALS ice Bucket Challenge of 2015 and even the grass roots "Black Lives Matter" campaign in the United States are both perfect examples of this content. Effective publicity drives curiosity and ultimately, inbound leads.

What can we take away from these observations? First, we should note that social media and pubic relations MUST enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. We also need to address the very human side of PR; clients are no longer statistics or numerical demographics. As the world of public relations continues to advance in this digital age, staying ahead of the curve is vital to success.

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